@iotcoop is an Internet connected hobby henhouse on my backyard in Southern Finland.

Note: Due to the winter season, the IotCoop is not active until Spring 2015

Follow the coop in Twitter @iotcoop.

Live snapshots

Snapshots are updated once a minute. Reload to refresh. Click to enlarge.

Outdoor Indoor

Local time is EET UTC+0200 (Winter) or EEST UTC+0300 (Summer). Timestamps are in local time.

NB! There are currently problems with the RaspiCam used for indoor view.

Due to bandwidth limitation, no streaming video is available. For the same reason there is no auto-refresh, instead you must reload the page every now and then to update pictures.

IoT coop (archive picture)

Chicken activity monitor


  • Nest occupancy detector - implemented
  • Temperature measurement - implemented
  • Food bin measurement - planned
  • Live web cam - implemented

Nest occupancy detector

A nest with number of eggs.

Where does the color of eggs come from? Simple! White chicken makes white eggs and brown chicken makes brown eggs.

The coop has 3 nest with access from outside for easy of collecting eggs. If a chicked is interrupted during egg laying process, it gets upset and makes neighbor irritating noise for the next half an hour. That's why it is relevant to know whether there is chicken in a nest when planning to collect the eggs.

Challenges related to nest sensor instrumentation are explained in my blog posting IoT Coop Now in Live at June 22nd, 2014. Current nest occupancy detection sensor is based on laser beam interruption. Twitter account @iotcoop reports when chicken has left a nest after occupation of more than 5 minutes.

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